There are a lot of great reasons to hire a professional retractable awning company to install your awning, but not every “professional” is the right choice. It’s very important that you really think twice about installing an awning yourself or hiring a “professional” who may not install awnings every day.

Wrong Size. Wrong Location. Bad Project.

The number one factor in the success of your retractable awning project is choosing the right size awning with the correct location and the correct accessories. Choosing the wrong size, wrong location or the wrong (or no) accessories will always result in unhappiness with the project. How much is the advice of an awning professional who has worked on hundreds of awning projects? No seriously, write down a number. There is a test at the end of this blog.

Native Knowledge

My next caution has to do with what we like to call “native knowledge”. While many contractors or homeowners have great knowledge of building construction, our company and installers know how retractable awnings interact with your building construction. For example, you can install a potted plant with a dead load of 80-100 pounds on a newer brick house, but try installing a retractable awning bracket the same way with a dead load of less than 40 pounds per bracket and watch it pull a bunch of bricks off your house. (True story – saw the aftermath.)

Some so-called “professionals” simply don’t know how awnings will interact with your home. They may try to put too heavy of a load on your home, or they may simply install it the wrong way. Just because a contractor does a great job installing your deck, landscaping, tile or whatever doesn’t mean they have the skills and knowledge to correctly install a retractable awning.

Specialized Process & Materials

Professional awning companies have tested their installation processes for years. The also have chosen specific installation materials that are PROVEN to work. We have special tools and accessories that are used to correctly install retractable awnings. This prevents damage from happening to the home and ensures the product is installed correctly and will last a long time.

Installation is Only Half the Battle

You may have read all the manuals, learned new installation methods, chosen the right size and right location, and simply believe you can install the product yourself. That may be true, but once the product is installed, are you prepared to do the adjustments to the pitch and the motor? Many customers that have chosen to do self-install are amazed when the awning is not “pre-adjusted” to their liking. How is Sunsetter supposed to know how high you are installing the awning or that your cousin is 6’6″?

You also need to consider transport. Do you really think that every awning is going to arrive in absolutely perfect condition? Your awning will most likely need a few tweaks to make your project perfect. Are you or your handyman up to the challenge?

Let’s Play the What-If Game

What if there is a problem with your awning that is covered under warranty? Did you know that many of the Internet companies require that you remove the part and ship it back to them AT YOUR COST? Then they send you the part and you are the service man.

What if the “contractor” messes up the awning? How expensive will the replacement parts be? What guarantees you that the company won’t charge you 6x mark-up on their parts? After all, you already have their product. What are you doing to do? Buy a new awning?


Thatcher Retractables and other awning companies that professionally install awnings will often run FREE STANDARD INSTALLATION offers. How can we do that? We manufacture awnings, and like most good businesses, we make money manufacturing. Additionally, we are really efficient. Our installers have installed hundreds—even thousands—of awnings. We are happy to extend the free installation offer to increase our business.

Add it Up

After looking at all of the factors involved, does it really make sense to have someone install your awning that does not do it every day for a living? Even you?