Residential fabric awnings and canopies are custom manufactured for each home and the needs of each customer. As such, awning manufacturers need to approach each job individually. This approach is far different than the world of products that are produced in high numbers using highly complex automated systems. Our awnings and canopies are still made one at a time by highly skilled craftsman.

While techniques and practices vary from company to company, awning experts all have the following in common:

Expert Sales Staff

While there is stigma about salespeople, a professional, expert salesperson plays a critical role. Because each job is custom made, the expert salesperson identifies what the customer’s needs and wants are and how that relates to time, material and cost. Additionally, a consultative professional can help identify priorities and work with the customer to accomplish his or her goal at a budget he or she is comfortable with.

Expert Awning Installers/Service Professionals

Like with many other industries, there are some skills that are unique to the awning industry. For example, lacing the ropes on a pipe frame canopy can be a challenge if you are not experienced. There are specific techniques that are used and a specific “native” knowledge that allows an expert to efficiently install the fabric.

Another example is awning cleaning. We will not provide cleaning instructions to customers because we have seen homeowners make a “small” mistake and damage their awnings beyond repair. Some things are better left to the experts!

Expert Manufacturing

It never ceases to amaze me how different an awning can look and function when made by a highly skilled seamstress. Every day I get to see Ms. Helen work in our shop. Watching her execute a minor detail as if someone’s life is depending on it is a perfect example of what being an expert is all about.

Get Better Every Day

While expert sales, installers and manufacturing professionals are critical, a company culture of “always improving” is essential to truly being an expert company. With each job, there is an opportunity to learn and make minor improvements to best practices. It is this drive and passion to get better that leads a company to the top of their industry.

When shopping for residential awnings, make sure you are working with the experts.