George S. (Huntley, IL) had the following challenge:

  • A south-facing patio adjacent to his home
  • A table umbrella that didn’t provide enough shade
  • A need for shade without poles or structures to obscure his view

The best solution for George is a retractable awning. Because his patio is close to his home, a retractable awning could be installed to the exterior wall. Awnings can be as wide as 40’ and extend as far as 16’, but for George’s yard, a more typical sized awning that is 15’ wide and extends 12’ from the home was more practical.

George could also opt for the motorized awning, which would allow him to extend or retract his awning with the touch of a button. When he is not using the space, the awning can be neatly retracted against the wall. George can also extend his awning a few feet from the home to shade only his patio doors.

While a retractable awning solves George’s sun problem most of the day, the awning alone provides little shade when the sun moves lower in the western sky. This is where adding a Side Screen to an awning comes in handy. Side Screens are made of a material that blocks 90% of the harmful rays from the sun, but is open enough for George to see his grandchildren playing in the yard. If George faced east or west, he could have chosen a Front Screen to provide additional shade.

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