Eileen D. (Barrington, IL) had the following challenge:

  • A beautiful pergola that lacked shade
  • DIY bamboo shades and shade cloths that had seen better days

Many homeowners turn to DIY in order to shade their pergolas, and while it can save a few dollars, it may not always be the best solution. Shade cloth and bamboo shades are not meant for every climate, and because Eileen lives in an area that sees varying weather conditions, shade cloth and bamboo shades wear, stretch and become destroyed over time.

Instead, Eileen, who doesn’t want permanent shade, is better off choosing a Pergola Retractable Awning System. This way, she can extend the awning when she needs shade and retract it when she doesn’t.

Eileen also needs to choose the right fabric for her awning. On a flat surface that does not shed water, it’s best to use a material that is pre-constrained or pre-stretched 98% to avoid water buildup and sagging.

When the sun drops lower in the sky, it’s best to use a Drop Curtain System that utilizes a roller at the top and cable guide system to prevent the fabric from blowing around in the wind and becoming damaged. A 14% open fabric(that blocks 86% of the sun’s rays) would provide plenty of shade protection and also allow her to see her yard.

What if Eileen wanted a more permanent or fixed shade solution? She could buy the hardware system that converts a structure like a pergola into an old time patio cover.

Think your pergola is in need of the right shading? Visit www.rolloutavacation.com for details.