Bill J (Hinsdale, IL) had the following challenge:

  • A very large outdoor kitchen that lacked a roof
  • A need to keep bugs at bay
  • Fear of violating city codes

Because Bill wants a product that acts more like a roof, he could choose from a fixed patio awning or a Sun Structure. Fixed awnings can cover the area and meet some of Bill’s needs for weather protection, but this type of awning requires the fabric to be installed in the spring and removed in the fall. Since Bill is dedicated to using the space as much as possible in late fall and early spring, this is not the right solution.

Instead, a Sun Structure is the best choice because it works well in various weather conditions. A Sun Structure can be extended in winds up to 50 mph plus. It is also designed specifically to be waterproof. There is an optional gutter that diverts water from the top of the systems through the posts to roll out into the yard.

While Sun Structures can consist only of the top structure and posts, there is also an option to use retractable wall systems to enclose the sides. There are different wall fabrics to choose from, and for Bill, a wall that utilized clear vinyl windows, which is perfect for those cooler days, or a wall system that consisted of a perimeter of vinyl fabric with bug screens in the center would be the best choice.

Sun Structures also have additional perks. Integrated lighting, music, and even infra-red heaters can be easily added.

Since Bill is also worried about breaking local codes, a Sun Structure with retractable sides and roof are considered temporary structures, making them the perfect choice.

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