There is a trend in the awning industry that has consumers feeling a little confused. The economic term for it is ‘unrelated diversification’. This is when a business sells a secondary product or service that is unrelated to their area of expertise. It is no secret that, as the economy has shifted over the last several years, small businesses and consumers are struggling to make ends meet. This trend within our industry is reactionary, and carries with it some problems.

It might seem obvious that purchasing a retractable awning from your gutter company is a bad idea, but consumers are swept off their feet by rock-bottom prices. Thatcher Retractables has manufactured, installed and serviced retractable awnings in the Chicago area since 1984, and we’d like to point out just a few of the advantages of purchasing your awnings from a company that is focused on quality products rather than economic diversity.

  • Our staff is in the awning business. They understand that when you purchase a retractable awning for your home, you are trying to meet a specific need. You’d like a shaded area at a particular time of day. You’re interested in reducing your energy costs. You’d like to extend your outdoor living area by adding shade. They’re not interested in selling you an awning; they’re interested in providing a solution to meet your specific need.
  • There’s an old saying, ‘You cannot serve two masters.’ Our sales and service team are dedicated to our products. They are experts in the retractable awning industry. They can answer questions about products and provide feedback to help customers make purchases they feel good about.
  • Our installers have the experience and background necessary to be sure your awning is installed correctly and efficiently. This reduces the need for costly repairs and ensures the safety of your family or staff.
  • We service all of the products we install. We understand that the choice to install an awning for your home is an investment, and we help you protect that investment. If your awning needs adjustments or repairs, we can do that.

Your choice to purchase a retractable awning carries with it significant benefits…added curb appeal for your home, significant energy cost savings and an extended shaded area to relax and unwind. The benefits of purchasing from a retractable awning expert are just as great! With Thatcher Retractables, you can expect excellent customer service, superior craftsmanship, efficient installation, and ongoing maintenance support…all backed by our industry best warranties.

By: Katie Snustead (Awning Industry Contributor)